Mission and vission

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement: To live the healing mission of Christ within Samburu County and beyond by caring for the sick and promoting the health of the residents in the community while witnessing the Christian values of respect, dignity , caring and compassion for all persons , with special focus on the vulnerable in the society.

 Vision Statement:To be a hospital with unwavering commitment in providing health care,  and promoting and fostering comprehensive community wellness in Samburu county and beyond.

 Our Goals and Objectives

Motivated by its values, the family of Wamba Catholic Hospital will be sensitive and caring in reaching out to the community to facilitate the achievement of a physically, economically and spiritually healthy environment, characterized by high-quality health services and community development. We will work to:

  1. Ensure access to quality curative and preventive medical care that is responsive to ever-changing conditions in the community’s health care needs
  2. Promote wellness and prevention of illness in the community, and be known as a resource for health education.
  3. Serve as a catalyst for change by empowering and partnering with organizations to enhance the provision of health care and economic development of the neighborhood
  4. Support and nurture all members of our hospital family — individually and collectively — so that patients are provided with quality health care
  5. Further the hospital’s leadership role in advocacy for people in need with particular concern for vulnerable in the society
  6. Advance the development of a safe neighborhood environment and community quality of life
  7. Complement the government’s and NGOs’ efforts in ensuring availability of health services to the people within the Samburu County and beyond.
  8. Create a referral system where the government health centers, private and mission dispensaries can refer their patients for specialized services
  9. Improve general nursing care by training those who feel and express their call to the healing ministy of the church. In addition, train young talented people for employment as their source of livelihood
  10. To provide quality and timely antenatal, delivery and postnatal services to reduce maternal deaths and infant mortality rates in Samburu County.