The vision of Wamba Catholic Mission Hospital is to render quality, efficient, and professional pharmaceutical services to patients and other clients.

The team strives to achieve the hospital pharmacy vision by ensuring:-

  • Constant availability of quality, cost effective drugs
  • Adherence to good professional practice
  • Professional approach in sourcing our medicines with no compromise on the quality
  • Rigorous checks are done to ensure no drugs expire in our pharmacy
  • Patient counselling with regard to drug use
  • Dissemination of drug information
  • Regular performance analysis
  • Enhancing patient safety through audits of drug therapies
  • Provision of specialised drugs including new HIV/AIDS drugs and monitoring patients on TB treatment .

At the Wamba Catholic Mission Hospital, good quality generics are stocked alongside branded drugs. Wamba Catholic Mission Hospital Hospital is recognised as a centre for training pharmacist interns in the whole of Samburu county with practical skills .

Proposed Future Strategic Plans of The Pharmacy

In the future,the pharmacy will be organised into four areas as follows:-

The Main Pharmacy out-patient unit– To Processes outpatient prescriptions from within Wamba Catholic Mission Hospital as well as external prescriptions. Non sterile extemporaneous will also be compounded here. The current Main Pharmacy is open to 5 pm on weekdays and 8 am to 2 pm on weekends and public holidays
Outpatient Pharmacy– To Processes outpatient prescriptions from the A/E as well as external prescriptions. The Outpatient Pharmacy will be open 24 hours
In-patient Pharmacy- A 24 hour Pharmacy that will process in-patient treatment sheets and ward stock orders.

The Current pharmacy ensures continuous exchange of Medical knowledge and to keep up with the world trends in medicine through lectures conducted on a Monthly basis where a our  team of pharmaceutical experts share their findings in the area of pharmacy.