Ambulance Services


The Wamba Catholic Mission Hospital has an ambulance as an integral part of its emergency unit. Our hospital’s ambulance services is recognized as one of the best emergency service provider in Samburu County. The ambulance is fully equipped with modern  life support systems and emergency care equipment such as oxygen, spinal and traction splints, heart defibrillators, ventilators among others.  The ambulance services works round the clock with a mobile ICU setup for critically ill patients. The ambulances in our hospital provide a timely and quality care to the patients.

Our emergency medical doctors and paramedics are well trained in basic life support, advanced cardiac life support and all aspects of emergency care. They are committed to respond to all calls within the shortest time possible. In addition to attending to emergencies, we offer planned transport services for patients.

Proper communication systems are put in place to communicate with the emergency team at the hospital, for the team to be ready at the hospital once the ambulance arrives to provide quick care to the patient.